Welcome to the Scandinavian Wine Academy! How do you correctly interpret a wine label? Why the Scandinavian Wine Academy? Floating Vineyards in Thailand - an up and coming wine country Can you learn the age of a wine by looking at it? Cork tainted… or is it? Oak barrel or oak chips?

Welcome to the Scandinavian Wine Academy!


This is the school for the person who wants to become a sommelier. We give you all the knowledge you need and want, in an atmosphere of family feeling and excellent pedagogy.


Our school is well established with more than 15 years in the business and we are the largest educator of sommeliers in Scandinavia. In addition to our renowned sommelier training, we also offer shorter courses and tastings for those who want to learn more, but don’t have enough time. SWA has a very good reputation - both domestically and internationally - and we can thank our amazing students for that!


Regardless of your background and circumstances, we can help you reach your goals. SWA is there for all who are in the business, want to join it or are just curious and want to know more about beverages and especially the world of wine.


Please contact us if you want to know more, or come by and visit us at the office.


You will not regret it!


Scandinavian Wine Academy launches in Esbjerg

Scandinavian Wine Academy (SWA) just started a new course in the Danish city Esbjerg. SWA sees an increasing interest for the culinary kitchen in Denmark as well as an interest for wine. Therefore SWA is proud to spread high quality knowledge at new destinations.

Scandinavian Wine Academy launches education in Malmö

Now SWA focuses on a re-establishment Malmö. The education will start in the spring 2013 and the course will take place in the central of Malmö. SWA also starts education in both Sälen and Öland in December and January. As always, there are also new educational starts in both Stockholm and Gothenburg in spring 2013.


Scandinavian Wine Academy is an official sponsor for the Nobel NightCap

On Monday, it's time for the annual Nobel Banquet in the Blue Hall in Stockholm. Every year, different colleges and universities in Stockholm hosts the after party Nobel NightCap. This year, the tour went to the Royal Institute of Technology, and SWA is proud to profile itself as an official sponsor of the Nobel NightCap.


Frederick Hierner from Vinakademiet placed second in the Swedish National Sommelier Championship!

The 30th September the Sommelier Championship was held at Brygghuset in Stockholm. Eight sommeliers competed for the title. Frederick Hierner from Vinakademiet - The Scandinavian Wine Academy's danish sister company – got at second place!


Scandinavian Wine Academy start additional courses in both Stockholm and Gothenburg!

Demand has been great, and we obviously want as many people as possible to be able to train with us. Therefore, we start additional courses in both Stockholm and Gothenburg in the autumn of 2012.


Despite the increased number of spots the available ones are slowly running out, so if you've been thinking about joining our education this fall: contact us as soon as possible!